About Me

I'm Eric Bowden and I'm a web developer. I have worked at some awesome high profile companies. I created and maintained internal web tools at Adobe's Creative Cloud and digital marketing team. I also developed and tested software at Sencha, who currently has over 50% of Fortune 100 companies as customers.

I have passion for new things. Shiny things. I love a good adventure. I thrive on the new and the unexplored. That's why I love working with technology. I love to hear about different ideas. I crave them. I consume them for breakfast.

Not a day goes by where I don't think about what might be a good idea for a business, a website, a product. I like to think on the edge. I make big ideas. I don't worry about what other people might think of my ideas. No matter how many times I'm told, "That will never work!" I keep on dreaming. I can't help it. I'm more than a brainstorm; I'm a category 5 hurricane of lofty ideas.

My favorite part of programming is the creation. The satisfying feeling where, after inserting so much love and care into my neatly organized code, I can say, "Ah, it works just like I wanted." The part where I can show my friends, my neighbor, my cat, how all my time, all my effort, has produced a working product.

Challenges shape me. They inspire me to do great things. I am persistent, perhaps even stubborn. If a project I am working on doesn't behave, it gnaws at me until I get in there and make sure that rebellious segment is properly quelled. I make things work. I live off of innovation. The smallest thing can set off a spark that generates a big idea If there is a better way to do something, I take the time to learn how to do it. The experience is just as important as the efficiency.

You are who you work for. I want to work for the best.