Adobe Internal Tools

At my internship at Adobe I worked on various internal tools for the digital marketing team. Along with creating and maintaing internal tools one of the things assigned to me was to create a new homepage on the internal site. Adobe, as a creative company, puts a lot of value on visual design, even on internal tools. They wanted an app-feel to the page, with the ability to rearrange the 'apps'.

I wanted some nice animations when the apps are moved around. Unfortunately, jQuery's animations were not good enough for my needs and didn't really show where the apps were being rearranged. I decided to create my own jQuery plugin with the animations that I wanted.

Add appropriate cat images and simple CSS styling:

With some more polish I was able to create some awesome icons. Because more apps would be added in the future, I had the colors be assigned programmatically based on the app name.

I wanted the page to be completely CSS. Only the icon in the upper left is an image! Add some over-the-top hover glimmer (which was taken out of the final design, of course) to make some beautiful embossed app icons.

This screenshot shows the final design with added badge icons in the icons' fully embossed 3D glory.