Javascript Moba Game

This is another example of using the canvas framework KineticJs that I created with my friend Robert Hickman. It is based off the Starcraft 2 arcade game Nexus wars and an extension of my sandman project.

Full Screen here
Your gold:
Computer gold:

How to Play

Click on the unit portrait on the menu bar below the game to place a building. Your units will automatically seek out enemy units. You get money passively and from each unit destroyed.

Each unit has different stats:


It uses the same pathing algorithm as my sandman project to seek enemy units with some simple AI added in for a computer player. If no enemy is found it will travel to the opposite side of the board. It is still a work in progress with my idea to eventually turn it into a full-fledged MOBA. The game can handle about 500 active units before it starts to slow down.

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