Loanshark App

While on a internship at Sencha, I created an app called Loanshark using their Sencha Architect software. The app was featured on their blog and as well as at Sencha's booth at Google I/O 2012. Click on a tab below to get started

Sencha showed off this app to promote the idea that developing fully functional apps are possible entirely using Architect. The main features of the app is that all data is stored in the browser's local storage. Try adding a person (third tab), and then a debt (second tab). Revisit the page and all the data will still persist within the browser, even after it is closed and reopened. Another feature of the app is that it uses a new Sencha Touch feature, hasMany and belongsTo Associations all within the data models and local storage, something that wasn't possible in previous versions of Architect. The last feature is that the app controller keeps track of routing. Try pressing the tabs a few times and then hitting the back button in your browser. Instead of returning to the previous page the app will switch to the previous tab instead.

View it on a mobile device here.